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Chiropractic Care with Dr. Paul Meschino

I wanted to share my experience with everyone that might be interested in working with Dr. Meschino to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

I started seeing Dr. Meschino for my neck, shoulder and lower back problems and his mindful care did wonders with my physical symptoms. I have seen major improvements in matter of weeks and I started having a better posture, sleeping better and being virtually pain free. The fact that Dr. Meschino is an amazing chiropractor is a well-known fact. What not a lot of people know is the fact that he is also an amazing counsellor. When a couple of major stresses brought my anxiety and physical symptoms back with a vengeance, he suggested that I address both the mental and physical aspects of my life. My traumatizing childhood made me a strong, independent and caring person… and then everything changed once we had our son and then my father died unexpectedly. I had been in therapy before to try and make sense of the anxiety and panic attacks that came out of nowhere, and while I learnt why they were happening, I was still mad at my parents and afraid every time my heart would beat faster.

Dr. Meschino’s approach was so different and yet so logical, I am still in awe every time we meet. He not only helped me understand how my trauma shaped me as a person, but more importantly all the good things that happened because of it. It’s very easy to focus on the trauma and all the negativity that comes with it, but finding the positive helped me embrace it and no longer be afraid of it. He also helped me see my parents’ side of the story and realize they probably had their own demons to deal with. This diminished the effect of the trauma even more, because now I understand “they didn’t do it to me”, but “they were trying their best under the circumstances”.

Dr. Meschino’s counselling helped me change some of the misguided beliefs I had about myself and my family and find a more balanced approach to life. I am now able to better process my emotions and my body is no longer reacting as strongly to them. I am able to take a breath and slow down when I need it and, while not always easy, find the positives in any situation. Dr.Meschino gave me a tool that I use every day to take care of myself and my loved ones. If you ever had your emotions get the best of you, please talk to Dr. Meschino and you will not regret it.

Thank you very much for everything you did for me and my family!
~ Oana


I began treatment with Dr. Meschino 2 years ago for neck and shoulder pain. I had (just) thrown my pain medications in the garbage after realizing I was developing an addiction to them. I was getting very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when it was almost time to take my next dose.

My pain was so severe that I spent every Tuesday afternoon in a pain clinic getting injections of novacaine in my neck which left me with no feeling in my arm for 3 hours. Three hours every week was the only pain relief I got.

By the time I started Network care with Dr. Meschino, I was already scheduled to undergo rhizolysis – a procedure which would have left me with a feeling of paralysis on my right side for up to one year.

I had quit my job because it became too much to bear.

I still remember sitting in the waiting room for the first time at Dr. Meschino’s office with tears in my eyes. I knew it was my last resort. I’d been to so many other doctors, none of which were able to help me.

On the drive home that day (after my first session) I could turn my head all the way and look in my blind spot for the first time in 5 years. Within 3 months my pain was about 50% gone and within 6 months my pain was completely gone.
So much about me has changed since I started Network care. I’m more balanced emotionally; I’m more focussed in my life; I’ve begun a new career; I am more patient; and I am better able to deal with stressful situations.

The biggest change I’ve noticed about myself is that I’m more caring and compassionate. When I was in pain, I resented other people who were healthy. Now I wish everyone could feel as amazing as I feel.

The greatest thing about this journey: I can’t even remember the pain anymore

~ B. Meunier, Real Estate Agent

Approximately 5 years ago I woke up after having had a very difficult karate class the night before, and I had a hard time walking, talking, writing, and speaking! I was very scared. Upon visiting my family doctor he advised me to see a neurologist to check for Multiple Slerosis. I didn’t feel that it mattered to have a diagnosis like this so I did nothing at that time. I began to feel better as the days went by, and after a couple of weeks I was left with a tingling sensation in my hands and lips, and a difficult time writing and speaking! (Since) that time my condition over the past few years has not changed much – UNTIL DR. MESCHINO TRIED NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS ON ME!!!

From the very beginning my intuition was telling me that this was something special! I felt subtle changes for the first several weeks, but it always felt good to come and see you (for my sessions). After about 7 or 8 weeks I really felt my posture and spine changing. Feelings of euphoria would come upon me like waves during an entrainment in your office. I had a sense that everything was going to be okay. I stopped worrying about things. I was feeling more empathetic and compassionate towards people. I wanted to tell the whole world how good I felt, and I did. The tension in my back and neck have been slowly melting away. My speech, writng and tingling in my hands has all improved. I look forward to so much more in life now that I have so much more energy to do things. I TRULY FEEL TRANSFORMED!!! . . . I can’t thank Dr. Meschino enough for his dedication to something that has changed my life to such a great degree in such a short period of time. It is a gift.

~ J. Masson, Police Officer

I started Network care shortly after being told by my doctor that I had burnt out. I felt energyless, fatigued and low in spirit. The day after my first Network session I had a burst of energy and a friend told me that it was nice to hear me laugh again. Since then I’ve experienced a steady improvement. I’ve had more energy, clarity and feel more calm inside. Things look brighter. Although I’ve tried other alternative therapies, Network care worked the fastest in my healing process. Network care has also helped me process through situations or issues more easily.

~ S. Corrado, Human Resources

Since beginning Network care about one and a half years ago, a chronic low back problem that I had for several years has healed. The change felt gradual . . . and one day about a month ago I noticed the pain was gone – it was just not there! In addition to this my body awareness has heightened and my posture is so much better. I find that I am moving my body more efficiently and doing my physical work with more ease. When I do have “twinges”, or seeming recurences of the problem, my body apparently corrects itself within a day or two. My mind also feels clearer, calmer and I am generally sleeping better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Network care to anyone.

~ S. Churchill, Registered Massage Therapist

Over 2 years ago I had been experiencing constant neck problems and hip pain. I was receiving traditional chiropractic work with Dr. Meschino and I had begun noticing slight improvements, but it seemed to continuously re-occur. I felt so deperate. I could not think straight anymore. My life did not seem fulfilled. I was so distracted by how I was feeling. Then, Dr. Meschino introduced Network (Spinal Analysis) to me, and I was quite inspired about this new way of healing.
Within my third session I had felt a change in my body. I could not describe it at first, but it was different. I remember feeling like their was something heavy in my body that was taken away – it felt good! As I continued my sessions, I was experiencing dramatic changes physically and emotionally. I started to feel more positive about things.Network care has helped me become connected to myself. Really listening to my body – like there was a transformation happening, my body felt like it was healing. (These are) feelings I had never felt (prior to having Network care). All these pains and problems that I was once experiencing have no longer been in my life. (Previously), I could not perform a simple task without feeling discomfort, I could not exercise without feeling discomfort. Today, I no longer feel this way. I have a new perspective on life, and a new appreciation. I have grown within myself – my families – my spouse in which we share the same journey together – all my wonderful friends, and all the new people who have come into my life. Dr. Meschino has truly touched the lives of many including myself. . . I am so thankful for Network care and how it has changed my life and others. The journey continues.

~ R. Masson, Physical Fitness Trainer

Network care started off by putting me back on my feet. I am able to process through pain and discomfort – which now lasts (only) a fraction of the time it used to. (And) on a personal level, it has enhanced my relationships with my kids and wife. I find myself more patient and able to connect (to them) on different levels (than I did prior to receiving Network care). Professionally, you have openned my mind, as well as “gateways” to new possibilities which I take to my (own) clientelle, such as the power of breath, listening to your body, and healing through universal laws.

~ K Wilder, Real Estate Coach

I feel less stressed at things in life that used to get me upset. I am more at peace with myself and others. There’s a “richness” about life that I feel on an on-going basis, a sense of gratitude for everything in life – I feel as though I am waking up from a long sleep. I enjoy life more. I have a great passion for the things I do and yet it’s calm at the same time. . . . I seem to be able to do more in life with less effort. I seem to be able to go with the flow better than I did a year ago. I see the world a little differently – I am happier and more content. I also have a heightened state of awareness of who I am and who I am becoming.

~ J. Fox, Tai Chi Instructor

[With Network care] I started sleeping more deeply and continuously through the night . . . I feel much more in touch with myself without being constantly triggered emotionally. It has improved my relationships with my family, my friends, and myself.

~ C. St. Laurent, Registered Massage Therapist

Network (care) has brought me to a deeper place of healing, clarity and peace. I feel less anxiety in my life. The power of Network in healing my fractured arm to 100% in such a short time was amazing to me and even more amazing to my Orthopedic Doctor.

~B. Goodman, Chief Editor

Dear Dr. Paul, the ‘Spine Whisperer’:

I told you in your office that a trite ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough to express how your gift of healing has made a difference. I can’t say what I want to say in person without leaking or taking too much of your time, but feel it’s necessary nonetheless.

On many an occasion I’d come home from teaching band, and hide in my bedroom upstairs so I wouldn’t have to hear the sound of my refridgerator. Let me ask you, Who gets annoyed by their appliances? How many people can tell you how long the ‘on’ cycle of their refridgerator is? I can. 49 minutes of noise, 11 minutes of silence. Every morning I’d hesitate at the top of my stairs to listen for it’s sound to gauge how much or how little progress I’d made overnight. I actually contemplated how important having a place to keep food cold really was…I mean, I’m sure other people get by without a fridge! It became my measuring stick and source of irritation, and not my appliance. I spent 7 months and many hours on the internet and in doctors’ offices seeking wisdom and finding little. (too much sugar? too much salt?, not enough vitamin B?, ginkgo biloba?, allergies and nasal sprays that made my nose bleed, high blood pressure?) I could go on and on, but won’t. And still the sounds persisted. However, my reason for writing is not to recount to you a frustrated search for an answer.

Neither is my impetus for writing stemmed from a change in my circumstances – although I’m thrilled about the positive changes that have happened so far…and sure there are more to come. The reason for my thanks is not based on that entirely. Moreso because of how you received and perceived the ‘problem’, and your reaction to solving it. I heard from my GP, my Neurologist, and ENT specialist that it was ‘not life threatening’ and it was something I was ‘just going to have to live with’. It was explained, of course, that many people dealt with similar circumstances and far worse, and that perhaps if I just came home from a day of teaching band, and put on a little music, or turned the TV up I could easily mask the problem. (nope, not kidding) When I politely argued that my massage therapist could make the sounds disappear for hours, I was humoured and told that it was perhaps because I was ‘stressed out’, ‘sick of my job’, and my body was responding by making sounds accordingly – and that if I was in a relaxed state, the noises would go away. (which, to me, was just a pre-cursor to ‘you’re losing it, Valerie’) My GP initially refused to give me a referral for a chiropractor – and only after I had some success under your care, did she relent and change her mind so that my insurance would cover it. You, on the other hand, heard what I said and made plans. You told me you couldn’t promise that my locked spine and ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame” posture (not a term you used, ..just my interpretation) was responsible for the noises – but by straightening me out perhaps there could be answers there. Far better than hearing ‘live with it’. You knew it wasn’t life threatening, and still you persisted.

Two months after meeting you, I now use my fridge mostly for keeping food cold, and less as a measuring stick for success. I measure my success in other ways. Today, for example, I went to church and FORGOT to take my orange construction ear plugs with me. (perhaps you’re laughing and I should explain- earplugs were meant to mask the loud noises of the band – not the message) Just FORGETTING is enough to indicate improvement – but I sat through the whole service with no discomfort from sound sensitivity, and no disheartening ‘rings’ ‘bells’ or ‘whistles’ afterwards. I’ve cut my grass three times in a row now and upon finishing, discovered I haven’t produced a new ‘sound’ nor must I wait hours for it to disappear (even WITH ear plugs in as protection) I can return to school in the Fall to teach the subject area I’m passionate about without worrying that I’m permanently damaging my hearing…and more importantly to me, sing…and hear and play a piano without shrinking.

I’ve always looked at healing as more of a mystery than a science. I still don’t FULLY comprehend how a touch of your fingertip on the back of my neck accompanied with my breathing has been a major ‘player’ in my recovery, but I’m a believer. (I only thought I knew how to breathe.) I choose to believe that God has given you a spiritual gift to heal, and I am just one of many benefactors. Your use of your spiritual gift on me has allowed me to use mine…and …I’m so thankful….(I know that’s one of the things on the list of benefits/things I’ll experience as a result of NSA treatment but I was always thankful, so you can’t count that) and yet the word ‘thanks’ has lost it’s meaning. So when I say ‘thank you’ in your office, please know that I mean so much more than that. I mean ‘thanks for ‘killing’ my refridgerator’…’thanks for the silence’..and ‘thanks , ‘Spine Whisperer’ for believing there was an answer somewhere.’

~ V. Taylor, Teacher

Reiki with Gemma Girimonte

Gemma Girimonte is exceptional in her energy therapy. She creates a space that is safe and calm to start with and is definitely gifted in her assistance in healing. I felt the shifts as she moved along through the session and the whole experience felt like a guided collaboration. Her energetic guidance allowed me to focus on letting things flow through and release with far more ease than I have experienced before. I am very appreciative of her work and certainly recommend her. Thank you Gemma!

~ Genevieve Townsend

My first Reiki session came at a time of grieving and loss in my life. The whole experience from beginning to end felt in some way like a sacred journey. A journey into my feelings and back out again with a measure of healing that was both simple and profound. Gemma was the guide on that journey, clarity of purpose, her certainty and gentle touch allowed trust and assurance to become the focus rather than the pain. A profound shift in consciousness happened in such a simple and loving way. Gemma’s commitment and dedication to assisting others on their healing path is so present and devoted to facilitating an experience of universal Love. She is truly a gifted practitioner of this wonderful art of Reiki.

~ S. Churchill