“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.” Hippocrates, father of medicine

What is aromatherapy?

Simply stated, it is a form of treatment that uses essential oils, via our sense of smell, to enhance mind, mood and emotion. Essential oils are the highly concentrated plant essences or the life-force of the plant. They can be derived from a variety of plant parts, such as the flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, wood, bark, resin, and skin of fruits. Because of the high concentration, it usually has the same healing properties as the plant itself (such as being antiseptic and antibacterial). Because of the molecular structure of the oils, they are easily absorbed
through the skin and mucous membranes.

Of all our five senses, our sense of smell has the most direct connection to the emotional centre of the brain (the limbic system). Scents are first detected by the nasal mucosa located behind the bridge of the nose (The nasal mucosa contains millions of olfactory receptor cells). When we breathe in, the scented molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve cells. Information then travels to the limbic section of the brain, the part of the brain associated with memories, feelings and emotion. The limbic system then releases neurotransmitters which can promote relaxation, reduce stress, alleviate depression, increase memory retrieval, help improve self-image, and modify sleep patterns.

When aromatherapy oils are coupled with therapeutic massage, the healing effect is much more profound. Combined, they can enhance your life and prevent illness. When the essential oils are absorbed through the skin they help bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, while assisting in the efficient disposal of carbon dioxide and other cellular waste products. The overall increase in the blood flow improves the effectiveness of the immune system and decreases blood viscosity. Overall, better circulation helps both the body and brain. Medical research has demonstrated there is a strong connection between a positive mood and an immune system that functions at a higher level. Therefore, a regular aromatherapy treatment can awaken and strengthen the vital energies and self-
healing capabilities of the body.

Preventative medicine is an approach that is available to us all, and plants are among the most precious gifts that our planet has to offer. Therefore, please join us on a journey through the wonderful fragrances of the plant kingdom to achieving your optimum health and well-being.

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