Gemma Girimonte

Gemma’s interest in health and well-being has been an on-going theme in her life as far back as she can remember. Her quiet strength and playful manner has made her an integral part of the New Directions in Health team since 1996. Her gifts of intuition and insight, have made her passionate about healing on the energetic level and has been certified in Reiki since 2002, and also does Reflexology and Aroma~Flex (reflexology of the head hands and feet with essential oils).  She just recently added Raindrop Technique to her offerings.Gemma's Profile Picture-edited

Her studies have led her to work with great teachers such as:

  • Dr. John DeMartini from The Secret, Creator of The Concourse of Wisdom School of Philosophy and Healing
  • Dr. Donald Epstein, creator of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)
  • Dr. Paul Meschino, Director of New Directions In Health, Network Chiropractor and co-author of Breakthrough Secrets To Live Your Dreams
  • Alan and Pamela Holt at the Holt School of Natural Healing

Gemma’s mission is to create a safe, nurturing environment in which to help people who are consciously on their healing path, to empower themselves, to awaken to their special gifts, to what brings joy, and to recognize their intuition. (which is our own unique guidance system). With this new awareness they will, feel and create a more inspiring, meaningful, and blissful life.