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Breakthrough Secrets to live your dreams

This book is a book of wisdom. It is filled with inspirational stories as well as precious nuggets of truth. The success principles and strategies provided in these pages will change your life. They were written from the hearts of masters to impact your heart of mastery.

With Contributions from Dr. Paul Meschino

Compendium to the Collapse Process

By Dr. Paul J. Meschino, DC

The Quantum Collapse Process (now termed The Demartini Method) is based on a series of questions that help balance ones’ misperceptions to one of symmetry, proportion and order. This opens the heart to gratitude for any person, place, thing, idea or event that is causing one to feel stressed. This book enables one to utilize the questions in very practical way to help de-stress any stressful event.

“My hope is that this book will help you open your heart, attain a glimpse of the divine design, and the abundance of love that surrounds you.”
Paul J. Meschino (Network Chiropractor)