Getting Ready for Opening Day

Hi Everyone,

As the Premier of Ontario looks toward re-opening the economy, we too, at New Directions In Health are preparing for that day as well. The closure has allowed us to take a long hard look at our clinic and discover ways to really improve our environment and services to you.

Safety first is our number one priority and we’re inspired to offer new measures to keep you and our staff safe when we return.

Here is a list of changes we’re making to ensure clinic safety:

  • New online booking and payment options for Dr. Meschino will be offered to reduce interaction with receptionists.
  • Restricted appointment times have been designed in order to ensure social distancing measures. Therefore, you can expect no or minimal wait times.
  • Dr. Meschino and other therapists will be wearing full masks and/or shields, and practicing appropriate hygiene measures in between each and every patient.
  • Hands On Virtual Chiropractic Sessions with Dr. Meschino remain available for those patients who want to receive care at a distance.
  • Receptionists will be wearing masks or shields and practicing appropriate hygiene measures.
  • Everyone who works or enters the clinic will be required to wear a mask. (Please Note: The clinic will provide PPE in case patients or staff don’t have them for themselves)
  • Seating in the waiting room will be spread out limiting the number of patients to no more than three. Please note that there will be a limit to the number of patients in our clinic at any one time (according to the standards set by the Province).
  • A protective blind will remain down to ensure a barrier between reception and patients is maintained.
  • Designated floor markings will ensure safe distancing between patients and reception.
  • Point of sale terminals will have a disposable protective coating in case screen touching is required for payment.
  • Dr. Meschino and Therapists will call in one patient at a time for their appointments. Patients will no longer need to carry their clinic chart to assigned treatment rooms.
  • An alcohol spray and/or sanitizing wipes will be provided for disinfecting treatment tables before and after use.
  • Everyone entering the clinic will be screened to determine if they were in contact with people who have had COVID like symptoms or if they have had symptoms themselves.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available on entry and exit of the clinic.
  • All doors will be propped open to avoid touching doorknobs.
  • All magazines, toys and books will remain unavailable in the waiting area to reduce contact surfaces.
  • All commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized frequently including door handles, phones, electronics, waiting room tables and floors.
  • Clinic washroom will be for staff use only. Public washrooms will remain available in the building for patient use.

We will continue to keep you informed as ongoing updates are put out by the government. We look forward to the day when we are able to provide all our therapeutic services again!

Thank You,

Dr. Paul Meschino and the New Directions in Health team

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