A Message from Dr. Paul Meschino

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Paul Meschino here from New Directions In Health.  All of us at the clinic have been thinking of you and we hope that your safe and well during the outbreak, which looks like it will be for a while longer. I’ve been thinking of ways I can be of service to you, even though we cannot connect in person.

I have made two services available that you may be interested in taking advantage of:

  • First, I’m offering 15 Minute Complementary Phone Sessions. This is a good way for me to check in with you regarding your present condition and health, and perhaps give you advice over the phone. This is a FREE service.
  • I’m also offering 15-Minute Hands On Virtual Sessions for those people who need hands on care. Perhaps you’re in pain, or stiff and tight, or have loss of function, or you may just want to have this to keep up with your care to some degree. There is a fee for this service of $50 for 15 minutes. Please note that if you do have a credit on your account for unused Chiropractic care with me, then you can use that towards these 15 Minute Hands On Virtual Sessions.

Through a virtual video call, I can see you and you can see me. I am able to do a visual examination, make a suggestive diagnosis, then instruct you on self massage, stretching or breathing techniques along with home exercises to help you through, until I can see you in person. If you live with a spouse, I can have them put their hands on you and direct them to get you feeling somewhat better. These virtual sessions can be very helpful to get you through until I can see personally and you get professional help. 

If you are interested in either of these two services, visit our homepage and click on the booking buttons available to select your spot.

In addition, I have just been informed by my association that all hands on virtual sessions qualify to be claimed under your extended health insurance plans – so far there is a growing list of insurance companies that have agreed to cover this during the pandemic. The following Insurance Companies have noted that they will cover these sessions on their plans:

  • Manulife
  • Green Shield
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Medavie Blue Cross
  • Sunlife Insurance Company

Be sure to check with your personal extended health provider to inquire as to whether they are part of this provider list.

Unfortunately, during the closure, I am unable to take on new patients virtually. The calls and and hands on virtual sessions are available to existing patients only. This is very important. I cannot see new patients virtually. 

As I said I’ve been thinking of you and would love to connect with you in any way I can during this time of self isolation. So until I see you again in person, be safe, take good care of yourself, and be well.


Dr. Paul Meschino

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